Important: Legal points to note about your reservation with us.
By accepting the accommodation this means you have made a contract with us and agree to comply with the terms and conditions.

You enter into a legally binding contract when you secure holiday accommodation. This imposes an obligation:

(a) on the proprietor to hold a room (or rooms) at the disposal of the guest for the agreed period and
(b) on the guest to pay for the accommodation reserved.

If either party seeks to vary or cancel the contract, this can only be done my mutual agreement, subject to liability to compensate the other party for any loss occasioned thereby. Please note that it has been held that illness does not entitle a guest to cancel a contract without compensation to the proprietor. This also applies if a guest curtails the length of stay they have reserved with the proprietor.

* There are several inexpensive holiday insurance policies available to cover unforeseen problems, which work in the same way as those policies that you must take out when booking a foreign holiday. We strongly advise that you should consider this. We have arranged a cheap but effective policy on your behalf and so please ask if you require us to send you an application form (see below for further details).

Cancellation Policy:

On booking, a non refundable deposit will be taken (the amount equal to the cost for one night). Payment can be by debit/credit card (2% charge for credit card) or cheque. If within 7 days of arrival the booking is cancelled then a further 30% of any total outstanding value of the booking will be due unless we are able to re-let the room. (Please note that any un-let rooms will be allocated first.) Regarding non arrival without notification or if less than 2 days notice is given then 85% of any total outstanding value of the booking will be taken unless we are able to re-let the room. In the event of the guest/s wishing to leave earlier than the specified number of nights then the above notice periods also apply.

On-line bookings:

If a cancellation is made to an on-line (prepaid) booking then refunds will be made less the amount as specified in the above paragraph.

Particular conditions:

  1. Bookings are accepted only for the party named and not transferable without prior agreement.
  2. Liability is not accepted by Harmony for accidents to guests or for loss or damage to personal property unless caused by negligence on behalf of Harmony.
  3. Booking in time is after 4pm on the day of arrival.
  4. Booking out time is 10:00am on the day of departure.
  5. Guests are responsible for kindly leaving the room in a clean and tidy order and all unreasonable breakages or damage must be paid for.
  6. For safety against fire please do not bring candles/incense sticks or burners into the house.
  7. We have to abide by the law so please note it is illegal to smoke in any part of our buildings.

* UK Holiday Insurance can be taken out at a cost depending on the total cost of the booking.

For a couple
these are typically:

1-3 nights - £15
4 nights - £18
5 nights - £21
1 week - £25 to £28

The insurance policy will cover the following and pay all potential booking/reservation costs:

Death, injury, illness or redundancy, jury service, your home becoming uninhabitable.
Death, severe accidental injury or serious illness of a close relative or business associate who is not travelling.
You will also have access to a 24 hour Emergency Assistance service if things go wrong whilst you are on holiday